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Bogla & Swapping

Enjoy a quick swap with the most experienced traders in the game! Transition between OSRS and Rs3 runescape coins within minutes with the Bogla team. Whether your looking to swap your Rs 2007 for runescape 3, or Eoc Gold for Oldschool Runescape it doesn’t matter! Our agents have billions of both types of rs currency awaiting you on our rs accounts.

Keeping Swapping Simple

The process to exchange your rs gold will only take minutes. When comparing swapping to using runescape money making guides or using bots on your runescape account to acquire the amount of gold your looking for, swapping is the clear better option! We’ll provide to 2 locations, one on the old school runescape version of the game, and another on runescape 3 to keep things a clear as possible.


Swapping Runescape Gold is better with Bogla!